New strand drug prompts DEA warning

It's a product that sounds rather harmless, but the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is warning that this drug is deadly, and it is responsible for dozens of deaths across the country.

The drug, technically, is called U47700, but it is better known as "Pink". Experts are saying the drug is eight times stronger than heroin.

"Chemists create them," said Stephanie Siete with Community Bridges. "They make a lot of money behind it. You alter one leg or molecule, and you have something new."

That something new is typically altered strands of already illegal drugs. As for Pink, it is responsible for dozens of deaths across the nation, most recently in Utah, where two 13-year-old boys died afte rtaking the drug.

They ordered it on the internet.

Siete said one of the scariest parts about this is the easy access to deadly Opioid drugs.

"No one's immune to this," Siete said. "It could be rich or poor. Everyone has access to designer drugs online nowadays."