New video released in ASU Professor's arrest case

New video has been released of the arrest of Ersula Ore, an Arizona State University professor whose arrest eventually led to the resignation of a campus police officer.

Ore was crossing the street when she was stopped by Officer Stewart Ferrin. When she refused to give ID, she was handcuffed and placed under arrest. When she resisted, things turned violent.

The video was captured on a cell phone by a handful of witnesses who happened to see what was going on and started rolling.

From the start, Professor Ore argued that Ferrin had no reason to arrest her. At first, standing calmly while a second officer searched her purse, but then things soon escalate.

"Get off me, get off me," said Ore in the video.

Saying Ore was resisting arrest, Officer Ferrin wrestled her to the ground.

"Are you serious, are you (expletive) serious," she said.

Ferrin helped Ore back to her feet and reached out to pull down Ore's skirt. Ore told police she believed he was trying to reach under her skirt, so she kicked Ferrin in the leg. A second angle of the video captured the audio.

"Yeah, I did that," said Ore.

Ferrin then pushed her onto the hood of the police car. According to a termination letter from the ASU Police Chief, Ferrin had no lawful basis to arrest Ore for crossing the street.

Ore did plead guilty to a misdemeanor account of resisting arrest and was sentenced to 9 month's probation.