New video surrounding post-Trump rally chaos released by Phoenix Police

New video released Thursday shows how a peaceful protest on August 22 turned into chaos.

Thursday afternoon, officials with Phoenix Police Department releasing video surrounding protests against Donald Trump's visit to Phoenix, which shows a few protesters throwing gas canisters, water bottles and other projectiles at police.

Activists claim police used unnecessary force, and injured peaceful protesters.

Using security video and multiple other angles, Phoenix Police broke down why they responded the way they did after the President's visit. Police said they used pepper balls only on the group trying to breach the security fence, while trying to avoid peaceful protestors.

That, however, was when things escalated. Phoenix Police showed video that backed up the claim someone in the crowd threw a different gas at officers. That's when officers started putting on their gas mask and deploying smoke. They also used a version of tear gas and foam projectiles on the crowd, as well as noise makers.

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Police said the compilation released Thursday is still very incomplete, and they are looking for more video, if anyone has it.