Nicole Stanton, wife of Congressman Greg Stanton, tests positive for COVID-19

Nicole Stanton, wife of Arizona Congressman Greg Stanton, has tested positive for COVID-19.

She says she's not feeling very well and has lost her sense of smell and taste.

Stanton says she started to feel fatigued on Sunday and thought she had a cold.

After feeling worse yesterday, she got tested for COVID-19, and the results came back positive.

Stanton says she's in isolation at home and is taking precautions with her family.

"I’m in the thick of it I believe and the symptoms are very uncomfortable and obviously it’s very scary when you know that this disease is indiscriminate in how it treats people. Both young and old have unfortunately passed away from this disease, and so it’s very scary," Stanton told FOX 10.

She says her husband and their two children do not have symptoms at this time.

Stanton says she's disappointed Arizona does not have a statewide mask mandate.

On Facebook, she wrote: "I despise that a public health crisis has been politicized, downplayed, denied, and left to spiral out of control."

"It’s not a hoax. It’s definitely not a joke," she told FOX 10.