Nightly Roundup: What's to blame for Phoenix's gloomy skies today; more on 'Dry January'

From that thick haze that has hung over Phoenix today to a shocking crime involving a pastor, here's a look at some of the top stories on for New Year's Day, January 1, 2024.

1. What's that ‘fog’ over Phoenix?


New Year's Eve fireworks contribute to poor air quality; crews respond to many alley and dumpster fires

"New year's is actually the worst air quality day of the year," said Alex Young, Lead Meteorologist at the National Weather Service's Phoenix office.

2. Welcome to the world, baby Yuriel!


Meet baby Yuriel, one of the first babies born in 2024 in Phoenix

Phoenix hospitals are welcoming the first babies to be born in 2024. We spoke with a mom whose baby boy was the very first to be born at St. Joseph's Hospital this year.

3. More on ‘Dry January’


Curious about 'Dry January?' Some benefits, tips, and what to drink in the meantime

If you’re curious about giving up alcohol, whether it’s to get a fresh start now for the new year or at some other time, you’re not alone.

4. Shocking crime involving pastor


North Carolina pastor attempted to stick wife's co-worker's head into deep fryer: police

A High Point, North Carolina, pastor was arrested last week after allegedly assaulting and attempting to push his wife’s co-worker’s head into a McDonald’s deep fryer, according to police.

5. What will 2024 bring for Arizona's drought?


Arizona's water crisis: Colorado river restrictions easing in 2024, but negotiations over future continues

While Arizona will see less strict restrictions on water allotments from the Colorado River, negotiations over future water supply continues.

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