Noise of unknown origin startles some Valley residents

It was a question that many people had across the Valley late Thursday night into Friday: did you feel it?

On Thursday night, FOX 10 Phoenix began to receive calls and messages from people across the Valley reporting a loud noise or boom.

Viewers from Mesa, Phoenix, New River, Scottsdale and Anthem made similar reports, all saying they heard the noise. Some described it as a large boom, and said it rattled windows, set dogs off, and even woke up some sleeping babies.

Officials with the United State Geological Survey have not reported an earthquake, and the topic has dominated discussions on social media.

Megan Skinner and her husband heard the loud boom, between 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. in Glendale.

"We have a French Door to the right of us, and it just shook as if something hit it," said Skinner. "I thought maybe our dog ran into it or something."

Cindy Winston had a similar story from Scottsdale.

"I told my husband. I thought it was the roof," said Winston. "I thought somebody jumped on our roof. He went out to check, and there was nobody there."

The big question remains: what was the noise? Many speculate it may be a sonic boom from Luke Air Force Base. Officials from Luke, however, have yet to return our inquiries. FOX 10 Phoenix has also reached out to multiple police departments in the Valley, with many telling us they have received very few calls about the mystery sound.

Officials with the Arizona National Guard said they had no training operations at the time of the incident.