Olmost The Weekend: Celebrate the Kentucky Derby with a party in Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- This coming weekend is the first weekend of May, and that means it's time for the Kentucky Derby, and by extension, Kentucky Derby parties.

"There is nothing like the Kentucky Derby," said Vince Francia, General Manager of Turf Paradise.

Turf Paradise is ready to host the biggest derby party in Arizona.

"It's like a stage play that goes through a series of acts leading up to the finale, which is the running of the derby," said Francia.

Gates will open at 7:15 a.m. on Saturday. There will be live local racing on Turf Paradise racetrack, leading up to the live broadcast of the Kentucky Derby.

Horse trainer Stacy Campo is preparing three of her horses for the weekend.

"The training process to get to that point. We are all a basket of nerves. We don't even know what to do, but we are doing it, and we want to make sure they are successful," said Campo.

Aside from the racing, people come dressed to impress. One who knows about the derby fashion is Serena Simms.

"A lot of times, if your hat has a big expression to it, then you want to have a little more simpler dress," said Simms. "If your hat has a lot of expressions, then your dress can be simpler."

There will also be a derby fashion contest. Participants will be judged on their full look, from the outfit, accessories, all the way down to the attitude.

Kentucky Derby Party at Turf Paradise