Olmost The Weekend: New Titanic exhibit brings the ship's past, as well as its passengers, to life

SALT RIVER PIMA-MARICOPA INDIAN COMMUNITY, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- April 15, 1912 was the day the RMS Titanic sank in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, killing more than 1,500 people. Now, a new exhibit in the Valley is bringing never before seen artifacts, and it is coming to Odysea.

"Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition" walks visitors through the fateful day the ship hit the iceberg.

"It's where he rang the bell, Officer Murdoch gave the order to turn the wheel, and where 30 seconds later, they actually did hit the iceberg and received a gash that ultimately sank her," said Alexandra Klingelhofer, Vice President of Collections for Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.

Before entering the exhibit, visitors are greeted with a boarding pass.

"Each of these boarding passes has the name of a passenger, their class, where they were going and why they were going there so that lets you identify with someone," said Klingelhofer.

Klingelhofer said they tell personal stories of people who were on board the ship, and recreate the rooms in the ship in order to bring the past to life.

"So, it's a whole passage of time of one person's life that you're connected with, in your boarding pass," said Klingelhofer.

FOX 10's Stephanie Olmo had a tour of the exhibit. She received a boarding pass that belonged to a Marie Grice Young, a First Class passenger from New York. With the boarding pass in hand, visitors will get to go through various galleries, envisioning how their persona's voyage may have been like.

"The story builds. It's a really strong story arc, and we want to tell you as much as possible to keep you interested, but also educate you about a different time," said Klingelhofer. "1912 was the start of the end of the Gilded Age, and the start of a new technological age of the 20th Century."

Artifacts displayed in clear cases at the exhibits are actual items recovered from the ocean floor. Finally, visitors will check out a memorial wall to see if their persona survived the sinking.

In the case of Marie Grice Young, she survived.

"You really are immersed in the story with the things surrounding you, so I think its more of an emotional event and help you think about immigrants today, even," said Klingelhofer.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
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