One dog dead following gruesome attack of two people in North Phoenix

A terrifying ordeal for two people took place in the North Valley on Saturday, as they were rushed to the hospital, after being attacked by a group of five dogs.

The incident reportedly took place near 35th Avenue and Deer Valley Road. According to a statement issued by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control on Sunday, the five dogs involved are in their possession, with the fifth dog declared dead at the scene from a gunshot wound.

The dogs, according to the statement, are under a bite quarantine until further notice.

According to first responders who arrived at the scene, it was a vicious scene, as the dogs were pulling their owners apart.

"There were chunks of skin, chunks of flesh being chewed out of them," said Rob McDade with Phoenix Fire Department. "The dogs were actively biting, chewing."

People living in the area, like Nicholas Reed, described what happened.

"I heard my neighbors across the street screaming bloody murder, help help help," said Reed.

According to first responders, the attack started in the home, and somehow spilled out into the yard.

That's when Reed ran over.

"I saw him and a lady that lives in our neighborhood being eaten to death by their dogs," said Reed. That's when Reed said he ran home to grab his shotgun. Reed said, however, he was still torn, not knowing what to do.

"I kept asking him what should I do, should I shoot them," recounted Reed. "He kept saying shoot 'em, and the lady kept saying shoot the dogs, and I told them to protect themselves, and I shot my shot gun and shot one of the dogs."

Firefighters who arrived on scene reportedly grabbed an oxygen bottle to open. The dogs were reportedly spooked away, due to the loud hissing noises.

Both victims were then pulled to safety. Both owners, as of Saturday, are in the hospital in critical condition.