Oregon coffee shop owner temporarily closes store, works for terminally ill competitor

That’s just good business. Really, really good business.

A coffee shop owner in Oregon temporarily closed her shop in order to help out a couple of friends in need — friends who happen to run the competing coffee stand up the road.

Adams also worked at the Local Coffee Company on Wednesday, so that Dave McAdams' wife Tina, who co-owns the shop with him, could spend more time at her husband’s side.

“If you don’t know, Dave McAdams has spent years working to support the local Oak Grove and Milwaukie communities through volunteer work, non-profit work, sports coaching and sadly, is now in hospice care as he bravely faces a terminal cancer diagnosis,” the Moonlight Coffee company announced on Instagram. “And that means their family needs OUR help!”

The message went on to confirm that every dollar earned, and any tips or donations offered, would go straight to Dave and Tina.

“So come buy a drink. Share the event. Donate. And show Dave and Tina what community love is all about.”

Adams told Yahoo Lifestyle that she and the McAdamses have been good friends for years, often visiting each other’s locations and sometimes sharing advice.

“They are wonderful people,” Adams said in a Facebook post shared last week. “They happen to literally live next door to my coffee shop, and we’ve gotten to be good friends.”

She told the outlet she also wanted to give back to the community because she herself had survived breast cancer shortly before opening Moonlight Coffee House in 2017.

“I thought about what my cancer journey had been like, how hard it was to juggle and balance treatment and time with family and business,” Adams told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I told Tina, ‘I want to do this for you so you can spend whatever time Dave has left, at home with him.’”

"It was an incredible opportunity to support them," Adams told Fox News, adding that the fundraiser was a "huge success."

"I am so grateful to my Community for their never-ending love and support. They've allowed me to make Moonlight the heart of my Community with kindness like this and it's something special!"

In addition to the money earned during the Moonlight Coffee House “Takeover” of the Local Coffee Company, another friend created a GoFundMe page to help Dave and Tina deal with their medical bills, and it’s already sailing past its $15,000 goal.

The Local Coffee Company has been in business since Dec. 2018.

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