Oreo releasing limited edition cookie with a triple twist

Oreo’s latest limited edition flavor release is slated for next month, and it may leave you screamin’ for an ice cream flavored cookie.

The company announced the latest release — a neapolitan cookie — on TikTok. The new limited edition line will have a layer of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla creme sandwiched between two waffle cone-flavored cookies.

They’re available in stores next month.

Meanwhile, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have coined a new term, "Oreology," to study why people who like twisting and splitting their Oreos to lick the creme can’t seem to get the white filling to split evenly.

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Results of the experiments found that even with the use of a specially made machine; dunking or not dunking the cookies in milk, and using regular-stuffed or double-stuffed test subjects, it was nearly impossible to split an Oreo so that the creme was spread evenly on both sides.

"The results validated what I saw as a child—we found no trick for opening up our Oreos," Crystal Owens, a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering MIT, told Vice. "In essentially all possible twisting configurations, the creme tends to delaminate from one wafer, resulting in one nearly bare wafer and one with almost all the creme. In the case that creme ends up on both wafers, it tends to divide in half so that each wafer has a ‘half-moon’ of creme rather than a thin layer, so there is no secret to get creme evenly everywhere just by twisting open—you have to mush it manually if that's what you want."