Over 100 at-risk shelter animals fly to Pacific Northwest to forever home

Dozens of volunteers worked throughout the night to prepare more than 100 dogs and cats for the ride of their lives -- a flight to a forever home.

"One hundred here and another 50 in San Diego," Ric Browde said.

Wings of Rescue has flown more than 28,000 at-risk shelter pets to other less crowded shelters and it's all volunteered hours.

"To be able to send 80 to 100 and we're so grateful to them," said Melissa Gable of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.

One of the dogs on today's flight is Roskoe, who already knows where he's going. About two weeks ago his heartbroken owner dropped him off at MACC because he was moving to Oregon, but just a few days ago, Roscoe's dad called and said he found a place that allowed dogs.

"He was prepared at that point to get in his truck... we're actually flying dogs to Oregon on Tuesday," Gable said.

Hoping the other animals will end up with owners that will love them as much as Michael loves Roskoe, volunteers say they can't wait to hear how the big reunion goes.

"Michael actually drove to Portland yesterday... I know Roskoe will be very happy to see his family again," Gable said.