Packages from Home sends comfort, care to deployed service dogs

At Packages From Home, mail is more than just a mode of communication.

It's a way to send comfort and care to deployed U.S. military troops, but there's another type of soldier they're thinking of as well.

"Believe it or not there's about 3,000 of these soldier dogs," Sarah Perry said.

Treats, toys, shampoos and creams are all tucked away with love to our fearless, fury friends overseas. Unfortunately, there's little financial support for canine care.

"From what we gather about 90 percent of the stuff we pack... so it's not their fault," Aaron Morrison said.

That's why the "Bones from Home" program was started, so that soldiers have a chance to reward their hard-working companions.

"If you've ever been to a specialty pet store you know," Perry said.

To those who say, "they're just animals," that couldn't be further from the truth.

"They do not leave their trainer or their soldier... it's more than just a tool, they are best friends," Morrison said.