Packages of cocaine keep washing ashore in the Florida Keys

USBP photo

Packages of cocaine keep washing ashore the Florida Keys.

The most recent packages washed up on Wednesday and Thursday on the Islamorada shoreline. Each package weighed about 2.4 pounds, Adam Hoffner, a U.S. Border Patrol spokesman, told the Miami Herald.

On Monday night, anglers in Lower Matecumbe Key found a 2.4-pound package of cocaine. At the start of the month, a boater off Marathon discovered a large sack filled with five bundles of marijuana weighing 62 pounds.

In late April, boaters found a large sack offshore of Key Largo that contained 25 packages of cocaine weighing a total of about 73 pounds.

In March, a snorkeler off the Florida Keys spotted a large bundle floating in the water and called police. It turned out to be 25 bricks of cocaine.