Paddleboarders have close encounter with orcas off Washington coast

Some paddleboarders in Washington got quite a show from a pod of orcas.

"I was paddling on my stand-up paddleboard along Dalco Passage in Washington State and heard a sound come from next to us. Instantly I was 20 feet away from a transient pod of orcas," Tacoma resident Jennifer Skjerven said. 

She said she was using paddleboards along the Passage with a friend when they heard a sound next to them. 

Skjerve said she paddled to the shore and continued to watch them breach out of the water and look for food.

The Dalco Passage Tidal is located between the southern end of Vashon Island and the mainland near Tacoma. The Passage is home to not only orcas but numerous fish and humpback whales as well.