Panel for 23rd anniversary of the Phoenix Lights postponed

MARCH 12 UPDATE: The March 15 event has been postponed. There is no date yet for rescheduling. The original story is below.

PHOENIX -- Next week will be the 23rd anniversary of the Phoenix Lights, considered to be one of the most widely reported UFO sightings of all time.

More than 20 years after it happened, people are still asking "what was it?"

"This year is the 23rd anniversary of what is now hailed as the most witnessed, most documented, most important anomalous sighting in modern history, if not all of history," says Dr. Lynne Kitei, Phoenix Lights Researcher.

Kitei has been following the Phoenix Lights for over twenty years now, trying to figure out what she, and many others, say they witnessed on the night of March 13, 1997. Many discounted the lights as flares or some military operation, but for Kitei, she says none of those make sense to her and she believes we were visited by something otherworldly.

"It was very, very real to the people who had the experience."

She's since published multiple books on the subject, even producing a documentary about the Phoenix Lights.

Kitei will be showing the documentary next week and leading a panel discussion. This year they'll focus on the media and how the Phoenix Lights were reported.

"I've done about 25,000 interviews in my broadcasting career and the Phoenix Lights just enthralled me," said former radio host Preston Westmoreland.

Westmoreland covered the Phoenix Lights at the time and although he didn't see them personally, he also believes it was a UFO.

"You're entitled to your own opinion, but the burden of proof seems to be on the people who've seen it."

The documentary and panel discussion will be held on March 15 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Harkins Shea.

23rd Phoenix lights Anniversary Celebration
Harkins Shea 14 
7354 E. Shea Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260