Parents speak out after North Phoenix teen threatened to "blow up Muslim church"

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Parents are speaking out, following a scary situation at a North Phoenix high school where a teen who threatened to "blow up a Muslim church" was taken into custody.

Police found the suspect, a 15-year-old, with pounds of potassium nitrate in a plastic bag, but never placed the school on lockdown. Police say the potassium nitrate powder is not dangerous by itself, but adding other chemicals can create a flash powder.

Meanwhile, some parents are very upset that more details weren't provided by the school district.

"That's ridiculous," said Tracy Gore. She is deeply concerned, after learning the white powder was several pounds of potassium nitrate. She says school officials did not give her many details via email on Tuesday.

"It said that it was an unfounded incident, but they were required to let us know and not to worry, it had been handled," said Gore. "Nothing about the person going into custody, nothing. The nitrate, nothing at all."

Police say the suspect did not make direct threats at the school, but allegedly said he wanted to blow up a mosque, the day before bringing the substance on campus.

"You can't foresee the unseen," said Mike Baker. "I mean, how's the administration supposed to know what the kid brings in his bag to school> So I think it's just bad circumstances."

"That's horrible," said Gore. "It could happen anywhere. We've seen it happen anywhere. Any school whether its elementary high school small town big city nothing is safe anymore

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) released a statement in response to the initial threat.

Phoenix Police officials say the investigation is ongoing, and charges are still being considered.