PD: 4 arrested in connection to Downtown Phoenix protest

Police say four people have been arrested in connection to a protest in Downtown Phoenix on the evening of August 23.

According to Phoenix police, several dozen people gathered for a protest near Third Avenue and Washington Steet at about 6:30 p.m.

During the protest, a 2015 Toyota RAV4 was seen driving in the area and police recognized the driver, 26-year-old Brandon Valentin, who was wanted in connection to crimes committed during a previous protest, including assault on a police officer.

The vehicle was stopped near Sixth Avenue and Monroe Steet and as officers approached the vehicle, they noticed that the passenger, 22-year-old Ryan Tice, was closing the glove compartment. 

Tice was also wanted in connection with crimes from a previous protest. Both Valentin and Tice were arrested and their vehicle was towed.

Police say they found a .9mm handgun in the glove box following a search of the vehicle. A second .9mm handgun was found in the center console.

The protesters then marched to Phoenix Police Headquarters where officers recognized 40-year-old Richard Callan who was also wanted in connection to crimes committed during a previous protest, including assault on a police officer.

Callan ran from police but was arrested near First Avenue and Adams Street.

Police say after Callan was arrested, 25-year-old Survana Ratnam threw a water bottle at an officer's patrol vehicle. As officers approached her, she swung an umbrella at officers, cutting one of them on the hand.

Ratnam was arrested and is accused of aggravated assault of an officer.

Police say an unlawful assembly was not declared during the protest and no property damage occurred.