PD: Woman sexually abuses boys at Bar Mitzvah

She teaches hot yoga, but now she is in hot water. A yoga instructor was arrested for sex acts with seven underage boys. All of this happened at a Bar Mitzvah over the weekend in Scottsdale.

She told a judge that she has her side of the story about what happened at the event where 100 guests were attending. She admits to exposing herself to the boys, but says she was black out drunk when she was in the bedroom with them.

"I understand the seriousness of the allegation, although I have my side as well within the whole story. I just ask that the release conditions be reasonable so I can be let go. I don't have a record; I have never done this before," said Lindsey Radomski.

Radomski made her first appearance in court. The 32-year-old woman is an instructor at Sumit's Yoga in Scottsdale.

"These are young boys, 11-15, so their ability to understand the incident, to consent to a sexual encounter, is just not there," said Sgt. Ben Hoster with the Scottsdale Police Department.

According to court documents, during a party an intoxicated Radomski also exposed her newly augmented breasts two times to adults and children. Seven of the children were under 18. Radomski was sent to a bedroom to sleep off the alcohol, and police say the next morning things got even worse.

"Miss Radomski then gathered a group of juveniles, ages ranging from 11-15, and entered a bedroom where she exposed her breasts and allowed these juveniles to fondle her," said Sgt. Hoster.

Radomski is also accused of performing oral sex on the 15-year-old boy. After her arrest, she told detectives she knew exposing herself was wrong, but that she did not remember anything happening in the bedroom because of drinking so much alcohol.

At least one of the boys took cell phone video which showed them touching Radomski's breasts while she was smiling and talking to them.

That video has been seized and is evidence. Radomski's bond was set at $10,000. She is now facing 12 felony counts.