Meet Pebbles, the 22-year-old Toy Fox Terrier who’s the world’s oldest living dog

Image: Guinness World Record

A new pet has been crowned the oldest living dog in the world. 

Pebbles, a Toy Fox Terrier, lives in South Carolina and is 22 years old. Guinness World Records granted her the official title in May. 

Bobby and Julie Gregory first realized they might have the oldest living dog when the previous record-holder was announced — a 21-year-old chihuahua named TobyKeith. 

Bobby started getting texts and calls from family and friends who read about TobyKeith, knowing Pebbles was older. So, the Gregorys submitted an application and soon learned they were living with a world champion.


Image: Guinness World Record

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The Gregorys said they originally wanted a larger dog, but said Pebbles’ larger-than-life personality has won over their hearts. 

Pebbles loves playing under the palm trees in their backyard, going on walks and getting dressed up. The Gregorys have several outfits for her and said a cowboy hat is Pebbles’ favorite. 


Image: Guinness World Record

She’s a night owl, and her parents say she loves to sleep in the sun under a skylight during the day. She also likes to listen to country music while she rests. 

Pebbles had a pup companion, Rocky, also a Toy Fox Terrier, who lived to be 16. Pebbles has been the Gregorys’ only dog since 2016. 

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Images: Guinness World Record

Julie said Pebbles celebrated her world-record achievement with a special meal and a warm bubble bath. 

"Treat [your pet] like family because they are. Give them a happy positive environment as much as possible, good clean food, and proper healthcare," Julie said. 

This story was reported from Detroit.