People enjoying the great outdoors in the Valley, as mild temperatures persist

As parts of the country are blanketed with snow, some in the Valley are hitting the golf course, where the only thing blanketing it was sunshine, and lots of it.

"I think about them, briefly," said Frank Burch, when asked about the people back East. "Then I get back to the golf course."

With the temperatures in the upper 70s Thursday, people were drawn out to the outdoors, and not just golf courses. Some went out to Lake Pleasant, where boaters enjoyed the water, and outdoor lunches were on tap.

"There's a ton of snow," said one woman, identified only as "Emma". Her grandmother lives in Ohio. "I just called my grandmother the other day, and she said they're snowed in and it's super cold there and they can barely go outside."

With temperatures expected to stay in the 70's through the week, people in the Valley will keep the shorts and shirts handy.