Peoria firefighters in California, as wildfire burns out of control

Firefighters from all across Arizona have answered the call for help, and have deployed to the major wildfires that are burning out of control in Southern California.

Crews from Peoria were one of the first to get to the area. They are on the front lines of the Lilac Fire in San Diego County, positioned north of San Diego and east of Oceanside, where crews are battling flames and powerful winds.

Peoria Fire and Medical sent an engine and four firefighters. On Thursday night, they helped evacuate residents.

"They have a really good system in place," said Kurt Walker, a Peoria firefighter. "They're kind of used to it, they're ready. They do a pretty good job of not arguing."

So far, about 10,000 residents have been displaced, along with 850 horses and other animals. Flames have consumed more than 4,000 acres, and 85 structures, mostly homes, have burned. The fire, as of Friday, is 0% contained.

"Basically, we're focused on structure protection, doing what we can to save as many houses we can," said Walker.

Valley firefighters are also up against Santa Ana winds, something they don't have to deal with in Arizona.

"It's pretty dynamic with the winds," said Walker. "They're predicting 80 mph gusts. They did have some down here in San Diego, so that's rare for us. We never have that kind of winds. Worried about safety. You just never know where the fire, how fast it's going to go, where it's going to go."

Crews are also not used to the fuel source, which is rolling hills of endless, thick brush. Right now, there are more than a thousand firefighters, 100 engines, nearly two dozen helicopters, and seven tankers fighting to keep the Lilac Fire from spreading.