Maricopa County officials: Safety at Lake Pleasant is paramount ahead of Memorial Day

Maricopa County Sheriff Russ Skinner 

Maricopa County officials are reminding boaters to enjoy the water at Lake Pleasant, but enjoy it safely with Memorial Day around the corner.

Officials are stressing to people to not swim alone and always wear a safety vest.

"Looking back over time, that's been one of our biggest things with drownings as people stopping and maybe getting into the water and then having a medical issue," Maricopa County Sheriff Russ Skinner said at a press conference at the lake.

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Arizona Game and Fish is offering multiple life jacket exchange events including one at Lake Pleasant to ensure boater safety.

"Bring and incorrectly sized life jacket or one that might not do its job anymore and get a brand new, ski vest-type life jacket," Josh Hoffman from Arizona Game and Fish said.

Additional advice for hikers

If you're hiking around Lake Pleasant, officials say turn back when your water bottle is nearing half-way empty. 

They say to constantly conduct headcounts to account for all members of your party.

It wouldn't be a safety reminder without noting the importance of calling 911 for emergencies.