Peoria man to compete in 'MasterChef' cooking competition

What started as a joke soon became a reality for Peoria engineer, Darrick Krause.

"I decided, let's just give it a try, let's just do it and see what I can do," he said. "All my friends have said they liked my food, but were they just being nice or is my food actually good?"

The season nine MasterChef contestant will compete in the televised nationwide search for the best home cook in America, right here in the Valley.

How did his culinary journey begin? It all started with his complex health conditions.

"I came down with hyper-thyroidism and ulcer colitis and eventually cancer and because ot it, I had to make some drastic changes to my diet," he said.

His wife also suffers a garlic-intolerance and Krause says the food allergies and health complications turned into having no other choice but to cook at home, and then finding foods they both liked.

Now, cooking has become Darrick's passion.

"I really like cooking comfort foods with a healthy twist," he said. "It's a Tuesday and you just want tacos. You feel good about them. Well, let's make them fish tacos and let's make homemade tortillas with very little ingredients so it's a bit healthier for you."

Darrick says for him, this season's competition will be gruesome, but he believes he has what it takes to be the next "MasterChef."

"If you don't bring your 'A-game' every single time you cook, then you're going home," he said.