Peoria PD's vacation watch program helps keep your home safe while you're away

PEORIA, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- It's that time of year when people are heading out on vacation, and many people are nervous about leaving their homes for several days. However, one program being offered by the Peoria Police Department hopes to help keep a home safe, while the people living there are on vacation.

"The criminals know we're out there looking for that stuff, so we want to make sure they're aware that you never know," said Brandon Sheffert with the Peoria Police Department. "Just because you might think someone is out of town, you never know when we're going to show up."

For people who live in Peoria and are going on vacation this summer, they can now have an extra set of eyes to look after the home, thanks to Peoria Police.

"Utilize our patrol volunteers as well. So they'll go out, they'll get out of the car, walk up to the house and take a look. They'll look in the backyard, but they won't go in the backyard. They'll look for any broken windows, any open windows, any open doors, anything broken or anything that looks out of place," said Sheffert.

If there's a problem, they will contact you.

"Give us the information of who we can contact, what to expect at the house, that way, we can try to get by, check on the house while you're gone," said Sheffert.

Police officials said there's no guarantee they will make it to your home daily, depending on scheduling. Residents said they are in favor of the added help.

"I think it's wonderful. It's a great program because you feel safer knowing when you're out of town, that you're going to have an agency that is actually stepping outside of what they normally do and it's just basic protection," said one woman, identified only as "Theresa".

This program is only for people going out of town for 30 days or less.

Peoria Police Vacation Watch Program