Phoenix apartment complex suffers hazmat situation, power outage

Some residents in a Phoenix apartment complex were forced to evacuate after a hazardous situation on Monday, Jan. 25. To make matters worse, they lost power.

Crews say a tree fell over and broke a gas line near 11th Avenue and Bell Road.

First, the residents were dealing with the intense weather the Valley experienced, then a hazardous situation call.

Hazmat trained firefighters and the gas company arrived on scene to secure the leak. Residents say the wind was extremely strong and they were worried about trees coming down.

A neighbor says she heard a loud thud, and sure enough, she looked outside and a large tree had crashed down outside of her home.

"Our windows started shaking so I’m like, OK something hit the building or else water was coming in and I ran out with my cat and everything went out," said resident Faye Samson.

After the series of mishaps, residents were dealing with no power.  A resident said it was in very cold in her home, reaching temperatures in the 40s.

Arizona saw several inches of snow in the northern part of the state, and while in the Valley, a massive amount of hail fell, making it look like a winter wonderland throughout Phoenix.


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As a thunderstorm rolled through Arizona, thousands of residents were without power as two major electric suppliers experienced outages on Jan. 25.


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