Phoenix area businesses getting creative amid persisting worker shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on the restaurant industry, and hiring new staff is still proving difficult for restaurants in the Valley, as well as in other parts of the country.

According to a new report, owners of half of the businesses surveyed said finding new workers is their biggest struggle. As a result, business owners are getting creative on how they recruit, and where they post their job ads.

For one Phoenix area-based restaurant business, they decided to post hiring ads on TikTok.

"After the Pandemic, it was really hard finding staff, especially just like getting the word out and finding word of mouth, and everybody after the pandemic is scrolling. They are on their phones," said Sammie Williams, Front of House Manager at Humble Bistro in Gilbert.

Within a couple of days after posting TikTok ads, they had multiple applications.

"I feel like TikTok has been the one that we have gotten the most feedback from," said Williams. "We posted a couple of things on Facebook and Instagram, and tTikTok got us at least three of our front-of-house staff."

Star Florez

Star Florez

Star Florez was one of the new staff members who saw the ads on TikTok.

"I usually just like scroll through TikTok on my down time, and I was actually looking for a job and it popped up, and so I clicked the link and I applied, and I got an interview the next day and I got hired," said Florez.

Industry experts say TikTok can help attract a younger audience and gives businesses the creative freedom to make their videos stand out by using graphics, videos, and fun music. It also allows users to select a variety of categories to narrow down their target demographic.

"We are just going to keep using TikTok and social media, 'cause that’s the one that gives us the results," said Williams.

While TokTok ads do cost money, regular posts can be made for free.

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