Phoenix area jerky store owner shares own battle with addiction

An Arizona businessman is sharing his story of how he overcame his addiction.

For Scott Reed, who owns Reed's Western Jerky, his past is riddled with darkness.

"I've had a long, hard life. I've had my ups and downs with drugs and homelessness, and I tried to change my life," said Reed.

In 2006, Reed he tore his ACL while skateboarding. That was how his 15-year addiction to opioid began.

Reed was homeless for a year, and after spending some time in jail, he entered rehab and got clean. From there, he ultimately became the owner of Reed’s Western Jerky.

"Me and my dad started making jerky around 2003," said Reed.

It started as a hobby, but following his dad's sudden passing in 2020, Reed knew he needed to take thing to the next level.

"He taught me tons of stuff. Definitely jerky," said Reed. "I’m just trying to carry on his legacy and help people be healthy and happy."

Reed and his wife Katie cut, marinate, cook, and dehydrate the jerkys themselves. In all, they offer eight flavors.

"We have Original, Teriyaki, Sweet Mesquite, Fresh Cracked Pepper, Hot Honey Habanero, and Tombstone," said Katie. "We also have our savory sirloin, which is fresh cracked pepper with butter and garlic, and then our Sweet Baby Reaper, which is our up-and-coming one."

All the jerkys are made at Oasis Bagels. The bagel store's owner, Jerry Hassman, was touched by Reed's story, and wants to help him succeed.

"Small business, we are the backbone of the economy, and we have to stick together," said Hassman. "They have a really good story, and I have the ability to help them out and get them started, so I think it’s a win-win for everybody."

Reed's Western Jerky can be found at Oasis Bagels in Goodyear. The products can also be found online.

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