Phoenix Art Museum offers virtual meditation sessions

The Phoenix Art Museum used to hold in-person meditation classes in partnership with Hospice of the Valley.

Many people are turning to meditation to take a short - but helpful - break from daily life, and the Phoenix Art Museum is joining in on the movement.

The museum is taking their popular meditation classes virtual, and it's all free.

Scientific studies have shown that the art of mindfulness can actually reduce anxiety, depression, pain and stress. The Phoenix Art Museum used to hold meditation classes in person through a partnership with Hospice of the Valley, but with the pandemic they've taken those classes virtual for anyone to try.

"I think it's a great way for people who want to start meditation or mindfulness because you're at home, so it kind of takes away the percieved stresses of not knowing how to do it," said a spokesperson for the museum. "Since you're in your own home, it kind of takes away a little piece of that."

The classes are held weekly on Zoom.

"I think at this time, people are still looking to interact with other folks, and it's a solid set up of people that meet on a regular basis," said the spokesperson.

These classes can give people a reason to stop, relax and decompress, if only for a few minutes.

Virtual Mindfulness Sessions:

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