Phoenix City Council to help tenants unable to pay rent, obtain legal representation

On Tuesday, the Phoenix City Council unanimously passed a city COVID-19 response plan moving forward as Arizona continues to reopen.

In the meeting, it discussed the challenges landlords and tenants have been dealing with, saying the coronavirus pandemic increased inability to pay rent. It says there has been a lack of available legal representation at eviction proceedings.

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The council wants to help with this issue, saying it will use $850,000 for community legal services.

With this, it would locate staff attorneys at the Phoenix Justice Court and offer representation at eviction proceedings to negotiate on behalf of clients dealing with landlords.

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The council also wants to allocate $300,000 for COVID-19 rental assistance that will help with late payments, fees, deposits, bus passes and meal vouchers.

Allocations for heat relief and assistance for seniors during COVID-19 was also passed unanimously.

For more on how the state and its cities are responding to the coronavirus pandemic, visit this link.