Phoenix family caught in weekend storm at Arizona Snowbowl

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- When it gets hot, everyone wants to get out an enjoy Arizona's beautiful landscapes, but this time of year can also be the most dangerous, because of unpredictable weather.

Last weekend, one Valley family who is experienced with camping in the High Country discovered that Mother Nature had other plans for their relaxing weekend in the woods.

"It started hailing, it just turned black," said Alicia Slack. "The lightning felt like a sonic boom."

It was a frightening moment for Alicia and Randy Slack. They went up to north to Humphrey's Peak at the Snowbowl to escape the Valley heat and enjoy the mountains. What they never imagined was getting caught up in a monsoon storm.

"One minute you're having fun camping and the next, boom!" said Randy. "It is real."

"The whole trail literally turned into a river," said Alicia. "Walking out, it was up to your ankles."

Randy and Alicia found shelter in a small cave.

"We were in and out of service, and we get those emergency alerts, and then I would like friends where it would, ding, there's a big monster storm coming, get out of there!" Randy recounted.

Randy says the was concerned about the trailer..

"Where we had parked it, we went a couple miles deep on a muddy, rocky bad dirt road so if that go washed out, we would've been trapped. Then we wouldn't have been able to get out," said Randy.

Fortunately, they did.

Randy says it was a lesson learned.

"Look at the weather. Look at what's going to happen and don't chance it and don't take the risk because by the time it happens," said Randy.