Phoenix Fire Deputy Chief deployed to help in Miami-area condo collapse efforts

It's not only Florida first responders helping recover loved ones from the deadly Miami beach area condo collapse, but first responders from around the country are helping out too, including a member of the Phoenix Fire Department.

Phoenix Fire Deputy Chief Frank Salomon was deployed to assist in rescue efforts at the site of the collapse.

Salomon is serving as a communications liaison for local and international media.

"It’s hot but it’s also emotional and very physically demanding on all the task forces," he said.

Crews have been working extremely long hours as they do what they can to sift through the rubble and find victims to bring closure to families missing loved ones.

Each task force is assigned a general area working at least 12-hour days, he says, adding that they have plenty of technology helping them determine where the victims could be.

"We have K-9s, we have listening devices, we have heavy equipment such as front end motors and cranes and shovels brooms," he said.

When they do find someone, it can take hours to move rubble in order to get to them.

First responders of course know how important a job like this is.

"We know the most important thing is to bring closure to the families and regardless of what we call it, we will constitute working at a pace we are working to turn them back to the families," he said.

Another factor crews have had to deal with has been hot weather but they say Hurricane Elsa has not hit them as they continue search efforts.

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