Phoenix first responders recreate community garden for Cartwright School District

There is now new life for a mobile garden that was lost in a fire last year.

The students lost a bus, known as "Gus the Garden Bus," that carried everything they needed to learn about plant cycles and gardening.

The garden was apart of the curriculum for some 1,900 students in the Cartwright School District. And when that bus burned down, it meant the future of a community garden was up in the air.

But it's now being replaced by something a little more permanent thanks to Phoenix first responders.

"This is about the very best of our community coming together to do what's right for the community,"

They rebuilt and completed the project, giving the students a new garden to learn and work with.

"So that plant life and the sciences and growing fresh fruits and vegetables and all of those things continue to take place right here for the Cartwright School District," said a first responder.

And this garden holds a deeper meaning, honoring the lives of two local heroes who gave it all.

"We have both officer Marc Atkinson, killed in the line of duty, as well as firefighter Brett Tarver, killed in the line of duty, and really turning that tragedy into something positive and acceptable for our community," said Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams.