Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary rescues 84 animals from California

The Phoenix Herpetological Society Sanctuary received a call from California Game and Fish about 10 days ago asking for help and immediately put a plan into action to head out.

From a Desert tortoise and Burmese pythons to lizards and snapping turtles, 84 animals were rescued by the Phoenix Herpetological Society.

"This is an American alligator we received during the rescue yesterday," Alex Roszkowski said. "He's about five-feet long, he's probably the third largest."

Reptile manager Alex Roszkowski and executive director Dan Marchand worked a 20-hour day Wednesday saving the animals.

"We had to capture the alligators, we had to get them in crates, we had to literally go in the water in the ponds, we had to grab them put them in boxes and get them in the trailer," Marchand said.

The journey from the California mountainside rescue, back to north Scottsdale was a long one, with the 114-degree record-breaking heat a huge concern.

Thursday morning, the crates and tubs were unpacked. Every animal survived the trip and received a full check-up.

Some will go to zoos, some will go to other rescues, some will stay at the sanctuary and some will be re-homed.

If you're interested in adopting any of the animals, contact the sanctuary immediately. They will get you on a list.

Phoenix Herpetological Society