Phoenix Lights anniversary

The Phoenix Lights appeared in the sky 19 years ago today: some believe the lights were otherworldly, others claim they are flares. A movie screening on Sunday will mark the anniversary.

It took Dr. Lynne Kitei seven years to break her silence to talk about what she saw that night. Nineteen years later, she says talking about the event is more important than ever, especially since new high-tech analysis debunks the solutions offered. She had her first sighting in 1995, when bright lights appeared outside of her bedroom window. She says she saw the top orb implode very slowly. Two years later, they appeared again. Two months after that, there was a third sighting -- this time it became a phenomenon known as the Phoenix Lights.

What Dr. Kitei saw, along with thousands of of people in Arizona, Nevada, and California, has been studied for years, but no one concluded what they were. 19 years later, a new stabilization of the images show those lights do not budge. Dr. Kitei points out that one light that breaks into two and elevates, which flares cannot do. The military has never addressed the multiple craft that people saw. March 13, 1997 will always be a memorable day that their lives.

On Sunday there's a screening of the Phoenix Lights movie at Scottsdale Harkins Shea at 1pm. They will have several speakers there, including a famous man named Travis Walton who said he was abducted.