Phoenix man accused of using roosters for cockfighting

PHOENIX (AP) -- A Phoenix man is facing felony charges after authorities found more than 40 roosters in his house along with materials associated with cockfighting.

Maricopa County Supreme Court officials said Wednesday that Carlos German Vasquez-Morales was released on his own recognizance after being booked on 45 counts of cockfighting.

According to charging documents, the Arizona Humane Society received an anonymous tip last month that someone was raising chickens for cockfighting at the home.

An emergency animal medical technician went to investigate and observed several roosters tethered in the backyard.

Authorities served a search warrant Tuesday and found 45 roosters, some missing their combs and their natural spurs.

Inside the house, they located injectable supplements, numbered leg bands and other items.

Vasquez-Morales does not yet have an attorney.