Phoenix Mayor's Office: 'Credible threat' to harm Kate Gallego made by member of Phoenix Police Department

Phoenix Police officials say one of its officers has been assigned to home following an incident involving Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego.

While Phoenix Police officials did not release many details on what happened, a statement from Mayor Gallego's office notes that the office is aware of a "credible threat made by a member of the Phoenix Police Department to harm the mayor."

In a brief statement released by Sgt. Mercedes Fortune, the department's Professional Standards Bureau will conduct an internal investigation, while a criminal investigation will be conducted by the Tempe Police Department.

"The Mayor's office is aware of the investigation and steps have been taken to ensure Mayor Gallego’s safety," read a portion of the statement.

The officer involved in the incident was not identified by either Phoenix Police officials or by the Mayor's Office. FOX 10, however, has reached out to the officer in question. That officer did not wish to comment.

According to the City of Phoenix's election publicity pamphlet, Mayor Gallego is one of three candidates in the November mayoral election. The other two candidates are Merissa Hamilton and Tim Seay.

Former Mayor Phil Gordon shares similar experience

This is not the first time a Phoenix mayor has been threatened. Phil Gordon, who was elected as mayor in 2003, started receiving death threats in 2010.

"Those were risks that always came with the job, but we really didn't expect what was even harder was the effect on the family," Former Mayor Gordon said.

During his time as Mayor, Gordon spoke out against then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio over the issue of illegal immigration. He also opposed an Arizona law that was known as SB1070, which made it illegal to not carry immigration papers, and allowed police to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally.

"Some people don't wanna hear what I'm saying," Former Mayor Gordon said in 2010.

At one time, Former Mayor Gordon had 24/7 security, with guards at work and at home.

"The constant sort of threats of emails, texts, phone calls, hang ups, strangers," said Former Mayor Gordon.

There were threats that Former Mayor Gordon was not made aware of, and some that he claims were physically violent.

"One officer that I was with was stabbed with a knife when somebody came up and tried to stab me," Former Mayor Gordon recounted. "We had to check [the threats] out when they seemed credible, and a number of them were."