Phoenix mother looking for answers months after son's death

Three months after her son was murdered, a valley mother wants answers, and she's looking to the public to help.

Martina Trequida has no illusions about the type of person her son Victor was.

And although she admits he is not without flaws, she strongly believes everyone is worthy of justice.

"He wasn't a bad kid, he wasn't a good kid. He had his faults, but he didn't deserve this. What happened to him -- he didn't deserve it," said Trequida.

Victor Galindo, 28, was shot multiple times outside of an apartment complex on Thomas and 43rd Avenue on the night of April 6th.

According to police, Galindo got into an argument with two Hispanic males when one took out a gun and fired at him.

His mother says she's seeking closure three months later for his two children he leaves behind.

"I want to get justice for them because I had 28 years with him and those 28 years I had with him, they were beautiful," said Trequida.

Trequida is working closely with Silent Witness in hopes that someone who knows valuable information will come forward, and help put whoever is responsible behind bars.

"If you talk and saw something, please let the police know because he is somebody's son, somebody's dad, somebody's brother," said Trequida.