Phoenix mother seeks justice for murdered daughter

On October 29 of last year, 28-year-old Bayli Knight was asleep in a mobile home near 22nd Street and McDowell when someone shot her.

She died later at the hospital and to this day, her killer has not been found.

"My life has been changed because I know I'll never see her again," said Lisha Knight, Bayli's mother. "She had a long life to live. She had a lot more to do."

Her mother is now begging for help, hoping a $1,000 reward from Silent Witness will convince someone to come forward.

"Somebody knows something, somebody was there," Knight said. "They're scared of course, that's OK, that's understandable... just anything to get Bayli justice."

Silent Witness wants to strongly emphasize the fact that if you have a tip, you will stay anonymous.

Police are looking for a 300-pound Hispanic Man, 6'3", with brown hair and eyes.

They say they won't give up until whoever responsible is found.