Phoenix nonprofit provides free furniture for families in need

Spring has sprung in Arizona, and for those doing spring cleaning and not knowing what to do with old furniture, one organization can take that furniture and, in turn, help some deserving families in need.

Bed frames, dressers, night stands, shelves and everything in between can be reused to help some families in need.

Furnishing Dignity, a Phoenix-based nonprofit, started six years ago and gives people a leg up when they could really use it.

"We don't charge our clients, so we give it to...the recently homeless and foster kids aging from the system," said a spokesperson for the nonprofit.

They help deserving families furnish everything they need from the ground up. Joyce Petrowski, the co-founder of the nonprofit, says they're seen an increased need for their services during the pandemic, and she's just happy to be able to provide a fresh start for so many people.

"They can sleep comfortably -- they can get up the next day and they can be their best selves," Petrowski said.

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