Phoenix Police lieutenant gives back to the community by working as a dive coach

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A Phoenix Police lieutenant is giving back, but without the uniform.

Members of the Phoenix Diving Club are going a little extra hard on the laps, because of Bryan Hanania.

"I love teaching them new thing, this is just who I am this is what I live for, being here for my daughter," said Lt. Hanania.

Lieutenant Hanania is living a double life, that of being a full-time police officer and a diving coach on the side, coaching for two or three days out of the week.

"It's funny, 'cause I could," said Lt. Hanania. "Several kids that I've coached for months on end never had any idea of what I did or what our head coach does for a full-time job, and when we tell them, they get surprised."

Though this coach has to balance his career with his hobby, he says he still wouldn't change it for the world.

"This is what I live. This is the person that I am being. A police officer doesn't define me," said Lt. Hanania.

Coach says giving back is all part of the job. It's something that most of his fellow officers are proud of doing.

"I'm not anything special," said Lt. Hanania. "I'm just one of the ones at our agency that does it, and it's our version, our way to give back to the community and staying involved."