Phoenix Police officer star of Call of Duty game

The Call of Duty Video Game franchise is one of the biggest in the world; the games have raked in more than a billion dollars since the first game was released back in 2003. The latest installation: Black Ops 3 arrived on store shelves last week.

For some of you in the valley, you may recognize a familiar face, a Phoenix Police officer. Reserve Officer Andy McDermott is a Hollywood actor and volunteers his time with the Phoenix Police Department.

"The reason I'm out here, the dream job is to be that action hero guy, and this was one of those where I was like this is exactly what I want to do," said Andy McDermott.

As part of the audition McDermott spent several days working with the team from Activision and Treyarch in a motion capture studio. He believes his years as a police officer and his experience as a personal trainer helped him land the gig.

"Went in and did a test shoot with ridiculously big weapons, and making mean faces, and got picked to be the guy," said McDermott.

His face is now being used to sell millions of video games, and it's even been spotted on billboards and buildings around the country.

"I never really expected to see my face on a building like that, but I also don't blow it out of proportion," said McDermott.

But when it came to explaining it to his wife and family? McDermott says it wasn't hard.

"I think everybody understands money, and when I tell them the last couple of years the game made over a billion dollars with a b, then everyone understands that it's bigger than most movies," he said.

The father of four says his kids are still too young to play the game, their friends are well aware of how cool this honor is.

"I coach soccer and baseball for them, and some of their teammates are already playing these games, and they'll bring the cover of the game and I'll sign it for them, or sign pictures for them, or whatever," said McDermott.

There are reports that the Call of Duty franchise will eventually make it onto the big screen, and McDermott says he'd love to bring his digital character to life.