Phoenix ranks 4th for stressful commutes in the country

It's not in your head Valley drivers -- your commute is as stressful as it seems.

Employment agency Robert Half surveyed more than 2,700 workers in the U.S. and found professionals in Los Angeles have the most stressful commute, followed by Miami, Austin, Phoenix and San Francisco to round out the top five.

Southern Californians likely aren't surprised that LA ranked the number 1 most stressful commute when compared to 27 other U.S. markets, however they may be shocked to learn that LA ranked just 8th when it comes to commute length -- with an average trip time of 53.7 minutes.

In Phoenix, the city is ranked 19th with an average commute time of 45.53 minutes. Washington, D.C. and San Francisco took the top spots for longest average commute, according to the survey.

The survey suggests that ample mass transit options lower the stress and anxiety related to travel in a city. For example, New York City was 4th in longest commutes at nearly 58 minutes, but came in 9th on the stress scale thanks to its expansive subway system.

The employment agency also offers steps employers can take to ease the pain for commuters, including giving employees the option to work during hours when traffic is less heavy and allowing people to work remotely on occasion.

KTTV-TV FOX 11 contributed to this report.