Phoenix Rescue Mission helps out homeless population in high temps

It's already been a hot summer, and with the temperatures continuing to soar, the Phoenix Rescue Mission continues their mission of making sure the homeless population is well taken care of.

Clifford Danley with the Phoenix Rescue Mission is a Hope Coach.

"We take vans out and just go to the street and talk to the people who are our brothers and sisters on the street. Who are experiencing homelessness and have an ice breaking -- a cold bottle of water, perhaps a hygiene kit. Today, we have popsicles and just kind of approach them and chat with them and let them know they're not forgotten," Danley said. "It's nothing fancy. We have our otter pops, we have our hygiene kits. What's going to be here is your, again, it's about putting dignity back into somebody's life."

They go out into communities where people might need a helping hand, especially in these triple digit temperatures.

"By and large, they're grateful when you show up with a cold bottle of water on a hot day. That's a universal gesture of caring," Danley said.

It's more than just a bottle of water. Danley says it's all about letting these people know there is help, resources, places to go, but above all, the thought that somebody is there to help.