Phoenix toddler battling aggressive form of cancer

It's been a tough time for a Valley family, after their little boy, 18-month-old Sebastian, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

In March, Melissa Millward took Sebastian to his pediatrician to what she thought would be regular a wellness check-up, and just asked a couple of questions.

"We asked him we just noticed this bruise on his back," Millward recalled. "We were just a little concerned about it, and the pediatrician also noticed he has a distended belly, which I initially thought it could've been just constipation, which is also common with toddlers."

The pediatrician advised them to take Sebastian to Phoenix Children's Hospital for further evaluation.

"The doctor came back in, and he said I need you to bring your husband here because I need to tell you both, and that’s when I started freaking out," said Millward.

The ultrasound showed a large mass in Sebastian's abdomen. It turned out to be stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a cancer often found in and around the adrenal glands.

"He's been pretty good, all things considered," said Millward. "He's a strong, strong little boy, and that’s what keeping me more optimistic that he will get through this."

Sebastian is starting his second round of chemotherapy next week. Although Millward is hopeful about the future, she wants other parents to know one thing.

"If you have kids, just love them and hug them, and just appreciate every single day you have with them," said Millward.

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