Phoenix trucking impacted by nationwide trucker shortage

The American Trucking Association says trucks moved more than 70% of all freight shipped throughout the United States and generated 719 billion dollars in revenue last year.

The association also says that 51,000 more drivers are needed to meet demand from companies like Amazon and Walmart.

The shortage is already leading to delayed deliveries and higher prices for American goods. Amazon, for example, increased Prime membership fees recently, citing the 38% increase in shipping costs compared to last year as a factor in their decision.

Roger Scholl, training director for the Phoenix Truck Driving Institute, says it's the worst he's seen in a long time. However, he says companies are doing what they can to attract more drivers.

"They brought driver wages up, they're increasing benefits, 401k, dental, medical, vision...they're offering incentives," says Scholl.

For people already looking into trucking, there are many options available to them.

Sean Lynch enrolled at the institute for a four-week course, noting the profession has "a lot of jobs and a lot of opportunity with various companies."

Lynch has a job lined up in Houston. He's says he's certain it will be a great fit, but he also says he knows he can pack up and leave for a different gig anytime.