Phoenix, Tucson low-cost mobile vet clinic offering variety of routine and surgical procedures

A mobile unit providing veterinary services for pet owners is helping in a big way to cut the cost to care for your pet without sacrificing quality care.

Doug Patriquin, the owner of Dr. Kelly’s Mobile Surgical Unit, says it's been in operation since 2016.

"We are an affordable, convenient surgical center that provides surgical solutions for dogs and cats," Patriquin said.

So far, the surgical unit has provided care for more than 150,000 pets.

"We have five of these mobile units that travel around Maricopa County and Tucson as well," Patriquin said.

Pet parents like Linda and Bob Prucha decided to bring their eight-year-old pup Theo for care after reading rave reviews.

"He’s going to get his teeth cleaned, and he has a few little skin things that he's gotta get rid of, and he might have to get extractions," Linda said.

Theo is even getting microchipped – a service the mobile unit offers among a long list of others.

"Spays, neuters, dental, mass removals, amputations all kinds of what our typical high, high ticket surgical services that we can offer at about half to a third of the price," Patriquin explained.

They provide free estimates and do a thorough exam prior to any surgical procedures.

"They require lab tests on older dogs to make sure everything is great, so they did that. It was tremendous, plus it’s easy to get information from your vet to them," Linda said.

The surgical unit also provides continuing aftercare if needed.

"We do all those post-operative exams and corrections as necessary for free," Patriquin said.

It's open Monday through Saturday by appointment only. More information can be found here