Phoenix Zoo set to reopen to the public June 15

June 13 marks another big step for Arizona's reopening, the Phoenix Zoo has reopened to members.

The zoo is currently opened just for members, but it will open fully to the public June 15.

There are plenty of differences in how it operates now, though - hand sanitizer is everywhere, crowds are being limited to 2,500 a day, and signs tell visitors to keep a Komodo dragon's distance (6 feet) apart.

The one thing that hasn't changed? The amazement of looking at the animals of the world.

The Phoenix Zoo has struggled financially since the pandemic began. They struck gold with their Cruising the Zoo Campaign, which allowed people to drive the zoo like a safari, but being closed this long has taken its toll.

"We are a nonprofit organization, and when we closed down March 18, we lost $4.5 million in revenue," said Linda Hardwick, spokeswoman for the zoo. "80% of our revenue comes from people entering our gate."

Just keep in mind if you decide to visit - stay with a flock, wear a mask, but don't let it stop you from seeing nature up close.

"It’s so good to see people’s face light up," said Hardwick. "The animals in turn light up, because they’re actually seeing guests again." 

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