Photo that shows Valley woman kissing Johnny Depp goes viral

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- It's a kiss that has gone viral, as a Valley woman who sharing a smooch with actor Johnny Depp shared the photo online.

The reaction Leticia Frye has been getting online, however, has been anything but sweet.

Frye is a well-known auctioneer who helped emcee Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding last weekend. That's where she caught up with Depp, and snapped the picture that has made her even more famous. Frye and Depp were backstage, prepping for Alice Cooper's annual charity event Saturday night.

"Johnny and I and his team, all there, and my Instagram team was in there filming," said Frye.

That's when the photo was taken, which had the internet instantly buzzing after it was posted on Wednesday.

"The time I was having dinner last night, I gained 1,000 new followers and maybe 375 personal messages and maybe 3,200 comments," said Frye.

This wasn't the first time Frye and Depp locked lips.

"A couple of years ago, I was joking with Johnny, saying we should do a kiss photo, so we did it two years ago," said Frye. "It was on Facebook, and it really didn't get any buzz."

This time, however, it did, and Frye received hundreds of negative comments.

"It was cyberbullying. 100% cyberbullying," said Frye.

At the same time, others rushed to her defense. Although Frye received the attention she wasn't expecting, she said she'd still do it all over again.

The photo was shared 53,000 times, and from there, it just kept on going. During the 20 minutes FOX 10's Stephanie Olmo spoke with Frye, the photo received around 800 comments.