Pigeon problem? One valley business knows how to get rid of them

Sometimes, too many birds of a feather wind up flocking together, like a massive number of pigeons.

They're leaving behind mountains of waste for Wilhelm Automotive, who is now getting help from the right people.

Right now, there's pigeons everywhere at the auto business. Thousands of them with some even defecating on customers. The roof itself is covered in poop.

"Super dirty. Probably 300 pounds of droppings on the roof up there," said Daren Lawlor, the owner of Pigeon Pros.

But after today it's no longer, all thanks to Pigeon Pros.

The Chandler business powerwashes to remove the grime and nests to get the pigeons out of the area.

"Makes your air conditioning not work as good, it causes roof leaks," Lawlor said.

Lawlor says this is actually quite common in Arizona.

"My supplier said Phoenix is their number one market so we have a big problem here," Lawlor said.

The auto business says the droppings are less than ideal for their customers for two reasons.

"The dirtiness. We work on cars, so we have cars all around, so having birds pooping and defecating all over customer's vehicles is not an optimal customer service thing," said Chris Garnan, the president of Wilhelm Automotive.

And because, well, some people, rather than their cars, got unlucky.

"I've heard the story, yes, that a couple of customers walking in have been pooped on by the pigeons upstairs," Garnan said.

But after today, most of the pigeons will relocate, and if they don't, the company uses trapping to remove the rest.

"Today is a good day, pigeons are going to be gone," Garnan said.

It normally takes about two days to get rid of the pigeons.

They say this happens a lot because pigeons stay where they're born.